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A Nigerian Guard Claims To Refuse To Receive A Bribe From The Sudanese Al Hilal

The Nigerian goalkeeper Theophilus Aflokai claimed, in exciting statements, that Al-Hilal Club of Sudan offered him a bribe for collision and the loss of his team, Enyimba, in the African Champions League, explaining that he refused that.

Aflokai denied his recent allegations of tampering in his Hartland game in the Nigerian Football League. While disclosing in his speech in statements carried by the “Nigerian Athletic” website, he refused to receive a bribe from the Sudanese Crescent in the final price of the African Champions League.

Aflokai said: “The Sudanese Crescent offered me a huge sum so that I would not play against them, and they asked me to claim the disease so that I would not play.” “I refused, I cannot receive money from the opponent to betray my team. It is impossible for me to do something like this.” “I am not that kind of player, I am comfortable in life. I have planned my life very well for me not to be disgraced, the day I will do so I sell my life, and then it will inevitably be the end of my career,” Aflokai concluded.

Aflokai Theophilus had played the first match against Al Hilal in Aba, but it was not chosen by coach Othman Abdullah in the return match in Sudan, which Enyimba lost in the end with a goal without response and Al Hilal qualified to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.


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