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After Returning To Training .. the English Premier League player Infected With Coronavirus

After hints that the English Premier League, which has been stalled for weeks since the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, is back soon, it appears that the resumption of exciting championship matches will not be as easy as some might think.

Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale announced that the result of the “COVID 19” test was positive in the second round of tests, and 3 days after a negative result in the first round of the Coronavirus tests.

On Sunday, Bournemouth, who is from the Premier League, announced that one of his players had contracted the virus in the second round of tests but did not give his name.

“My test result last Monday before we started the exercises was negative. So during the past week, I did the usual things like going to the supermarket and the gas station to fill my tank,” Ramsdale told the British newspaper “Sun”.

He added, “I was as careful as I was during the period of general isolation procedures, and it seems that I was exposed to infection during shopping.”

Ramsdale returned to practice after the Premier League allowed clubs to start training in small groups, as players continued to adhere to instructions for social separation.

The 22-year-old guard said that he does not have any symptoms of the disease, but he is currently in the phase of self-isolation.

And he added, “Now I am in the 7-day self-isolation phase at home. This is certainly not ideal with exercises.”

The Premier League has been suspended since March, but the League hopes to resume the competition in June, without specifying an exact date.


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