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former professional footballer Carlo Ancelotti


Ancelotti: After Ronaldo’s Departure all Teams are Equal

Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that all the Champions League teams are equal in chances especially after Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus.

“I think Ronaldo’s move will make the chances of competition more equal,” Ancelotti said in a press statement. “The player has a great influence both inside and outside the stadium because of his leadership qualities, which contributed to the coronation of Real Madrid three times.”

“The Italians so far have done well in the Champions League, we had a tough win at home against Liverpool, but now we have to be more focused,” he said, stressing Juve’s threat. “Juventus will be a tough figure, Very much, but next April we will re-evaluate. ”

Ancelotti had led Real Madrid to the Champions League title for the tenth time in their history, after beating Atletico Madrid 4 goals to one, in a match between the two teams at the Camp Nou in Lisbon.

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