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Carlo Ancelotti Italian former professional footballer


Ancelotti: Italy’s Stadiums Aggressive and Do not Suit Families

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti said that Italy lacked modern stadiums and criticized the absence of families and the spread of hostile atmosphere among supporters of the different teams.

In an interview with Football Italia, Ancelotti said that his country is underdeveloped on the stadiums compared to other European countries.

And added, that Italians do not go to stadiums, unlike other European countries that see fans keen to be on the playground to spend time because of the availability of many services such as restaurants and entertainment.

The former coach of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Paris St Germain that the competition between the Italian teams turned to enmity caused the spread of insults and hate speech in the stadiums.

He called for reducing the differences between the various clubs and making the clubs a more suitable place for the presence of families.


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