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Griezmann: I’m at the Same Level as Ronaldo and Messi

Atlético Madrid player Antoine Griezmann

Atletico Madrid striker and World Cup winner Antoine Griezmann spoke in a lengthy and exclusive interview with the AS newspaper about his future and some personal matters, and the reasons for his stay with Rokhi Blancos.

You have started a new season and look at your best career, having won titles with Atletico Madrid and winning the World Cup with France.

  • Yes, that’s true, because I enjoy playing football, football for my team and coaches, as well as in the national team, I’m lucky and I hope to complete this way.

Did you imagine all this, when you left for San Sebastián at the age of 13, could have been a professional player?

  • My dream has always been winning titles, since I was young and I dream of the World Cup, I passed the 1998 World Cup and I wanted to be a football player and win the World Cup with the national team when I came to Atletico my goal was to win titles.

In recent days there has been some controversy because you did not run for the “Best” award and some people associated with this sport have seen that you have been wronged in this regard

  • We can not do anything anymore. It’s the FIFA award and it’s a shame not to include a player who won the World Cup. We’ve made a great tournament and all the players deserve it, Mbappe, varane, Canti. I think the Golden Ball is more important and historically better, I have 3 months to do everything I can then we will see.

French national team player Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann

But did you not surprised by your nomination for the Best this year?

  • As I said, I’m not one of the favorites, so is any French player. We’ve had a great tournament in Russia but things have gone on like this. I think we should talk about the next and turn the last page.

Does your duo affect Diego Costa to continue at Atletico Madrid?

  • Yes, I see that I have improved a lot since his arrival, he made me evolve and took me to the top, this helps continuity, he caused all this.

Some critics and experts think you are the best in the world, do you agree with this?

  • There are different ways to watch football. Obviously, I am different from Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar or Mbappi. I am at the top but I can develop more. I am trying to be as full a player as possible.

You have said on many occasions that you are at the same level as Messi and Ronaldo, do you?

  • Yes, I think, and I see that there are many players will reach this level certainly, I enjoy what I got, but I also know that I can improve, I have to develop, I want to win and continue this way.

You do not stop talking about improvement, what can you improve? What is the area of improvement?

  • In reading the matches, attacking .. passing, in the shifts towards the goal of the opponent, I know that I can score more goals and the industry more and improve on the defensive, it is a goal and I should work to achieve.

You said no to Barcelona, and to play with Lionel Messi and the rest of the Barcelona players, this is a decision that made you a great player, a decision taken by very few players …

  • But this also gives pride to the club, Cholo (meaning Simeone), and to my colleagues .. If they are bad I will leave but I am confident in the team and Chollo and all the players, I want to help them in the maturing and confident that they will help me in the same, we have given each other a lot and everything So positive that we can raise more.

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