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Barcelona Concealed The Infection Of Five Of Its Stars With The Virus “Corona”

A Catalan radio revealed that five of the Barcelona players were infected with Coronavirus after being tested weeks before returning to individual training, but the Spanish club concealed this information from everyone, which caused a sensation in Spain and will open the door to doubts about the team’s ability to play its first match next week.

The famous Radio (Rac) in Catalonia did not specify the names of the players who tested positive for the virus but confirmed their recovery and their willingness to resume the “La Liga” competitions without risk.

She explained that the infections were confirmed during blood tests at the beginning of the virus spread in Spain, and two members of the technical staff of the “Catalan” club were infected with the virus.

The Spanish champion maintained the secrecy of the news as well as the Spanish League, but Barcelona feared that the physically injured players would be affected when the training came back.

After the danger has passed, Barcelona is currently training naturally with caution and following the precautionary instructions in preparation for the resumption of the season this month and maintaining the lead of “La Liga”, where he is currently two points ahead of Real Madrid with 11 rounds remaining.


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