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Spanish Federation Rejects Barcelona and Girona Request

Girona and Barcelona

The Spanish Football Federation on Friday rejected the league’s request to host Barcelona’s match against Girona in Miami on January 26.

“A letter was sent to the Primera Liga this morning to reject the request for the match outside the country because it contradicts international rules,” a source in the Spanish federation said.

According to the statutes of the International Federation (FIFA), in order to make any domestic match outside the regular home of the league must be approved by all parties.

The UEFA, the Federation of the State in which the match will be played and the continental union, in this case, the American Confederation and the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean (CONCACAF).

The request to organize the league matches outside of Spain and in Miami Specifically is to increase the popularity of football in America, especially as the country is about to organize the World Cup in 2026.

And also to create a new market to sell Spanish teams products and attract companies to buy broadcast rights and attract more American audiences.

Experts believe Spanish teams are seeking to create a new market as they have with China. Over the past few years, several matches have been held in Chinese cities, encouraging the Chinese to play football and increasing the popularity of Spanish and European teams in China.

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