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Barcelona Player Vitinho was Kidnapped in Brazil

Brazil suffers from a lack of security and widespread incidents of theft and kidnapping, which troubled the World Cup in 2014, and the latest victim of these incidents is a Barcelona youth player Vitinho who was kidnapped and lived a terrible experience.

According to press reports, the victim is the midfielder-striker Victor Hugo Santana Carvalho (Vitinho) (20 years Old) who spent the last season with the Barcelona youth team and this season moved to Palmeras.

Which is a team in his country to gain more experience in the stadiums that qualify him to return to the Catalan team and walk on the lines of samba stars in the Spanish league Same as Ronaldo and Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and finally Neymar.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when Vitinho left his Brazilian club’s training center with his girlfriend riding his car before being hit by three armed men.

The kidnappers took the young player to a gang neighborhood and stole his credit cards, which they withdrew money and then released him after several hours without the car.

Fortunately, Vitinho said police arrested the criminals one day after the incident and the player recognize them in the police station and they were imprisoned.

Vitinho played 25 times for Barcelona last season, 16 of them in the Premier League, scoring one goal and making another. The player received messages of support from the Spanish club, his teammates and some fans.

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