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Bashar Rasan Receives his Mother Death News During a Match

football player Bashar Rasan

The Iraqi player Bashar Rasan went through hard moments on Thursday after receiving news of his mother’s death during his match against Argentina in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

The technical staff of the Iraqi team hide the news on the player before the game and withdraw phones from players to prevent the leak of information to Rasan.

During the match, the crowd cheered and expressed sympathy for the player, which affected Rasan, who left the field in the 70th minute by the coach order to found out the truth.

The player received great sympathy from the social media from the arab world and internationally, while criticism was directed at the management of the team for hiding such news just for a friendly match.

The players from both Iraqi and Argentine teams offered their comforts to Rasan, while the club management commented that “it was sad news for everyone”.

The match ended with Argentina win 4.0 over Iraq, in a friendly match, while there is another match in the same stadium between Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

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