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Blatter Reveals The Reason For His Resignation: It Came Under Great Pressure From USA

Swiss Joseph Blatter, the former president of the International Football Association (FIFA), admitted that his resignation from “FIFA”, which he submitted in 2015, came under huge pressure from the American authorities that were investigating allegations of corruption.

According to “AFP,” Blatter, 84, said in statements to the Swiss news agency “Keystone SDA”: “They said: The president must go! … Suddenly, FIFA is no longer a mafia organization for American justice, Rather a victim. ”

Blatter passed away from the FIFA Presidency on June 2, 2015, days after his re-election, after a number of FIFA officials were arrested in Zurich, and in October of the same year, Blatter was arrested by the FIFA Trustee Committee.

Afterward, Blatter repeatedly said that he did not resign, but was not allowed to contest the next “FIFA” elections, and he faced sharp criticism from Gianni Infantino, the current president.

Blatter, who has been president of FIFA since 1998, believes that the Swiss authorities have paved the way for Infantino towards the presidency of FIFA, to become a beneficiary of FIFA scandals.

“I see Infantino wanting to clear his way to the FIFA presidency,” Blatter said.


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