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Curtis Harper against Boxer Effi Agagpa


Boxer Curtis Harper Leaves The Ring After the Start Bell

The American boxer, Curtis Harper, pulled out of the race against boxer Effi Agagaba, just seconds after the start of the bell, in a protest movement that led him to withdraw and lose the match by “exclusion” in heavyweight competitions in Minneapolis, American.

In the details, Boxer Curtis Harper stood face to face with his rival Effi Agagaba in front of the referee as usual in every confrontation. When each boxer returned to his corner in anticipation of the bell and the start of the competition, Harper surprised the crowd with a strange disposition.

Curtis Harper left the ring in a quiet way without speaking a word. He headed directly in front of the crowd towards the dressing rooms, amid the amazement of the crowd in the stands, who booed Harper’s behavior and ended the confrontation in this way.

The boxer, Effi Ajagba, was startled after his opponent left the ring without making a statement. Later, some officials and organizers of the confrontation began to figure out what was going on. It turned out that Harper had left to protest the financial value.

Jordan Hardy, who spoke with boxer Harper after his departure, said the latter felt that the organizers had dealt with him improperly, through the amount of money they had decided to pay him, so he chose not to run into confrontation and withdrawal. This cost the loss through the direct “exclusion” decision.

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