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Shakhram Giyasov


Boxer Celebrates on Ronaldo’s Way in the Ring

Shakhram Giyasov celebrated The way which the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrate after scoring a goal, the special move of Cristiano engraved in the memory of football lovers and fans, who have become imitating him in the exercise of sports, but it has come to other sports professionals as well.

The Uzbek boxer Shakhram celebrated the way of Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo, after winning the fight against the winner of the Argentine World Cup, Joshua-Povetkin, in the British capital London.

After announcing the verdict of the Uzbek victory, as a result of his direct blow to Argentines Joshua-Povetkin in the fight between them, Shakhram Giyasov jumped into the air shouting as Ronaldo famous move. “Madeira Rocket”.

The 25-year-old Uzbek boxer Shakhram Giyasov is renowned for his great love of the Portuguese star Ronaldo, making him imitate his victory movement in five fights against his rival boxers.

Cristiano is known to have many friends, especially in the field of boxing and martial arts, such as boxer and world champion Badr Hari and Shakhram Giyasov.


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