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Geraint Thomas


Britain’s Geraint Thomas Wins the French International Cycling Championship

British Grand Prix Geraint Thomas won the Tour de France on Sunday for the first time in his professional career at the end of stage 21 of the 105th edition, which ended on Champs Elysées and won by Norwegian Alexander Christophe.

British Grand Prix Geraint Thomas has crowned the French Tour de France on Sunday for the first time in his professional career at the end of the 21st phase of the 105th edition of the Champs-Elysées in Paris, won by the Norwegian Alexander Christophe.

Welshman Thomas won the 2018 Trophy by winning two mountain stages, the eleventh when he snatched the yellow shirt, and the twelfth, and kept the lead until the final stage.

Thomas finished 2018 with 83 hours, 17 minutes and 13 seconds with a minute and 51 seconds from Dumoulin,

And two minutes and 24 seconds from Fromm, who was hoping to win the title for the fourth time in his career and fifth in his professional career,

But he was relatively tired this year as well as protests and booing Of the public because of a doping charge that was cleared by the UCI before the release of this year’s edition.

The International Federation acquitted Christopher Froome of the charge of doping, prompting the organizers of the French session to enable him to participate.

Doubtful about the possibility of the participation of “Froome” in the Tour of France after finding a quantity of drug “Salbutamol” in his body more than twice as allowed by the laws during his participation in the Tour of Spain in September, which culminated in his hero.

The 24-year-old won the Italian Jiro cruise in May to become the first cyclist to win the titles of three crucial tournaments Since the French legend Bernard Hino in 1983.

Jacques Unketel, Bernard Hino, Belgium’s Eddie Merseys and Miguel Angelo Ainen have won the title five times.

Lance Armstrong also won the title seven times between 1999 and 2005 but was later stripped of his titles for proven doping.

In the final stage Sunday, which spanned 116 km and started from Hoi, the Norwegian Christopher managed to win his first stage in this year’s edition, the first since winning two stages in 2014 stages 12 and 15.

Christophe managed to reach the stage with two hours, 46 minutes and 36 seconds, with a quick run over German John Degenkulp and Frenchman Arnault Dimar.

Geraint Thomas finished in the 67th position in the same day of the same day, while “Froome” came in 69th and Dumoulin was 36th.

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