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Bronze for Qatar in the knights Jumping Teams

Qatar knight Ali bin Khalid won the bronze

Qatar Knights won the bronze medal at the 18th Asian Games, which is held in Indonesia and ends on September 2.

The Qatari team, composed of knights Sheikh Ali bin Khalid Al Thani, Hassan Badr, Hamad bin Ali Al Attiyah and Salman Al Suwaidi, came third after Saudi Arabia, who won first place and gold, and Japan, who came in second place and won silver.

The Qatar Knights achieved many achievements during their previous participation in the Asian Games, having previously won the gold medal in Asia Doha in 2006, as well as excellence in the last Asian Games in South Korea four years ago, during which they won the gold competition teams.

The group has also competed in international, regional and local championships, both at the World Tour and in several rounds around the world.



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