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Liverpool player Bruce Grobbelaar


Bruce Grobbelaar: Football Saved me From War

Bruce Grobbelaar, the legend of the English Liverpool Club, declared his gratitude and thanks to football because it saved him from a great tragedy he had lived in his youth, stressing the suffering he has endured to this day, despite the years that have passed.

Speaking with the BBC’s British network, Bruce Grobbelaar revealed that football saved his life, after being forced to kill soldiers during Zimbabwe’s civil war in the 1970s, when he was recruited into the army and sent to suppress the uprising of the natives, against the white government, before His country’s independence.

And he added, “Thanks to football, I managed to get rid of the depression I was suffering from, and I moved to Canada to play there, and then I joined the Liverpool Club in 1979, with whom I lived the best periods of my life, through the titles I made,”.

“The pictures of three of my friends dying in front of me in the war are still in my mind so far, and I have a situation where my body becomes cold, with sweat too much,” he said.

“The memories that exist are indescribable, it is true that they have calmed down a little over the years, but they come back to me quickly when I am with my friends in Africa,” said Grobbelaar.

Bruce Grobbelaar, 60 years, has won 13 titles with Liverpool in the domestic and continental championships, In the last 13 years, he has played 440 games. The Champions League final in 1984 is the best match for the legend, after he succeeded in tackling the penalty shootout against Roma, to contribute to the achievement of his fourth title team.


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