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Tennis Association Supports Carlos Ramos Against Williams

the referee Carlos Ramos

The reaction to the case of American tennis star Serena Williams and the referee Carlos Ramos on her final match against Japan’s Naomi Osaka, Still the subject of sports newspapers for days.

And what makes it fresh today, is the statement issued by the International Tennis Federation and expressed his opinion on what happened.

The International Confederation (IFRC) announced standing next to referee Carlos Ramos, “At all times, Carlos has acted professionally and impartially,” he said. “It is understandable that the competition is great and it is natural that the incident will cause great controversy at home and abroad.”

“At the same time, it is important to remember that Ramos did his job perfectly according to the law book, Ramos’ decisions came in accordance with the laws and were approved by the federation to punish Williams for three illegal acts,” the ITF statement said.

The Association of Professional Athletes supported Serena Williams earlier after the incident and stood by her side. “We think we should not have dealt differently in the standards of anger that result from feelings of a man or a woman,” said Steve Simon, the association’s chief executive. We think this has been taken into account. “

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