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Carmelo Anthony Signs Contract to Houston Rockets

basket player carmelo anthony

Houston-based Houston Rockets announced on Monday that they had signed an official contract with Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony left the Oklahoma City Thunder after a disappointing season to join Atlanta Hawks last July before breaking his contract and becoming a free player.

Carmelo signed a one-season contract with the Houston Rockets for $ 2.4 million, joining the James Harden team in the new season.

Carmelo is due to receive his full $ 27.9 million salary from the Atlanta Hawks for the new season 2018-2019 after agreeing to cut his salary by $ 2.4 million to end his contract with Atlanta, the difference that Houston Rockets will pay.

The Atlanta player met Darrell Mori, general manager of the Houston Rockets and coach Mike Dantoni in Las Vegas on the sidelines of the summer league to put the final touches on his transfer to the team.

Anthony made the worst season of his NBA career with Oklahoma City as the team pulled out of the first round in the playoff of 16.2 points per game, then to Atlanta, before breaking his contract with him.

The Houston Rockets have been interested in joining Carmelo for years, but many things have prevented him from moving to the team.

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