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Christian Vieri criticized the new generation of players


Christian Vieri: New Generation of Players Only Care About Instagram

Former Italian football legend Christian Vieri has launched a scathing attack on the new generation of players, citing their lack of passion and professionalism, and absorption with social media.

Christian Vieri was one of the most powerful strikers in Europe during 1990 and the start of the new millennium. He scored more than 200 goals with Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Lazio and Inter, and Italy are missing an attacker like him after his retirement.

“You need Instagram now to become a famous striker,” he told Radio DeeGay. “you don’t need to score 30 goals in the season or shake the net at the end of each week.”

“In the past, when we did not score in a game, we closed the doors on ourselves and we review our mistakes the next day, then we worked hard to improve, and avoid mistakes, but this is no longer happening.”

And Added, “me and my generation of strikers. We were sick after every missed opportunity. I scored almost 140 goals in the Italian league. I can remember them all in detail, I can remember also the lost chances I made.”

Vieri was bold in expressing his opinion, and many may agree with him that only two, on the scene currently can be considered the best example of passion and fighting to uphold the summit, for more than ten years, Argentinian Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.


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