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Ronaldo's lawyer Peter S. Christiansen


Ronaldo’s Lawyer: What Happened in 2009 was Agreed

Peter S. Christiansen, the lawyer of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, denied all charges by American model Catherine Mayroja to the Juventus striker, arguing that what happened between them is not a crime “rape”, confirming that all the documents published by the newspaper “Der Spiegel” was fake.

The website “Italy Football” quoted Peter Christiansen as saying: I was appointed to represent the Portuguese star in the recent complaint, in which he was accused of rape in 2009, but the truth is that what happened then came with complete satisfaction between the parties. ”

“Because of the violation of the agreement by the other party and the accusations made in the past days, Ronaldo felt compelled not to stand silent and, under the agreement signed in 2010, he was entitled to respond as he deems appropriate,” said Peter Christiansen.

“To be clear, Cristiano Ronaldo vehemently denies the rape charges against him, and the documents allegedly containing the data of the Portuguese star are fake.

And what happened in 2010, is the Juventus striker followed the advice of his legal advisers, to put an end to the accusations directed to him, in order to avoid similar situations he now faces in an attempt to destroy the reputation constructed with hard work and athletic ability “.

Christiansen continues, “It is unfortunate that the media continues to spread and motivate the deliberate deception campaign against Cristiano Ronaldo, relying on stolen digital documents, which can be manipulated and falsified with ease,”.

And he ended with “The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo expresses his full confidence that the truth will prevail, despite the disseminating of false information, in which the laws of the state of Nevada will be implemented and respected,”.

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