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Cleveland Browns First Victory in nearly two Years

Cleveland Browns won the first victory in US football (NFL) since December 24, 2016, beating the New York Jets 21-17.

Browns were on the way to continue their black string after failing to zero -14 in front of their fans, but back-middle-back Baker Mayfield entered the second half after an injury to Tyrod Taylor, He turned things upside down by scoring 17 assists out of 23 attempts.

Mayfield scored two points and tied 14-14 at the end of the third quarter.

At the age of 23, Mayfield fought his first game of the tournament, the fifth-back in the history of the tournament, leading his team back from a 14-point lead in their first season as a start-up after John Elway, Andrew Locke, Matthew Stafford, and Jeff George.

Cleveland’s last win was 635 days ago, followed by a black series of 19 defeats.

Cleveland ended the 2017 season with a catastrophic toll of 16 defeats in 16 games and became the second team in the history of the tournament after the Detroit Lions in 2008, defeating this fate and losing all matches in the regular league.

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