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This is the Only club that Refused Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

The talent of Argentinian Lionel Messi has been as clear as the sun in front of everyone since his youthful years. Clubs have competed for the extraordinary youth before Barça win, but there is a club that can be lamented as the only one in the world who has refused to include the “flea.”

The club is the old Argentinian River Plate, in which Lionel conducted tests in his childhood and his level was impressive, but the club found no justification for investing in the young player and refused a request from Messi’s father to provide a home for the family.

Tells Eduardo Abrahamian, a talent scout in the River Plate Club, the details on the capabilities of superstar Messi and the scenes of the club he refused to sign him, saying, “In the first test he scored 16 goals in one game !!”.

“I was very surprised by this boy, he was very young, but I was not interested in his size, we were watching his skills, he had tremendous abilities and speed, he was amazing, so I spoke to the general manager at River and told him to come and see this miracle boy.”

“The problem was how to deal with the father’s request for a home in Buenos Aires,” he said, adding: “I wanted to stay with us because a talent like Leo would not come, but the problem of the house was not resolved.”

“The club did not understand that saving the house was not a big sacrifice, it was a simple price for this lucrative investment,” he told the club. “We can not leave a player like Messi.

“Boca Juniors (the traditional rivals) bet on investing in Maradona and win the bet, and River should have done the same with Messi,” he continued, admitting that he felt the pain and sorrow whenever Messi scored a goal or crowned a championship with Barcelona.

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