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Chievo Verona keeper


Cristiano Ronaldo Breaks the Nose of Chievo Verona keeper

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the nose of Chievo Verona keeper, during the first match of the Portuguese star with his new team Juventus in the Italian league.

In stoppage time, while the result was a positive draw between the two teams 2-2, Ronaldo clinched the old goalkeeper Sorrento and touched the ball with his hand to go to his colleague Mandzukic, who scored a goal canceled by a decision of the VAR technique.

The Italian league crowd kept their hands on their hearts as they watched veteran goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino stand motionless after a violent collision with Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The goalkeeper of Chievo Verona fell in stoppage time after a joint ball with Ronaldo, and because the ball was completed and played Mandzukic head and pulled out a defender after crossing the goal line by several centimeters, did not pay attention to everyone to calculate the goal or not as much as care guard lost Awareness.

Only two people ignored the goalkeeper who remained motionless for more than a minute. Giorgio Chiellini and Paulo DiBella showed their celebration after making sure the ball went beyond the goal line while Sorrentino was still surrounded by doctors!

Reassured the referee on the guard and then returned to the video technique to notice the strong collision, and look at the touch of a hand on Ronaldo missed the goal!

Sorrentino was substituted and the goalkeeper netted the third goal just minutes later and Juventus scored their first win of the season.

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