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Ronaldo Deal Engineer: Juventus Defied Madness

Pavel Nedved

Czech striker Pavel Nedved, the retired Juventus star and currently vice president of the club, has unveiled the Backstage of signing with Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid this summer. which the administration has negotiated with him, although it may have seemed crazy.

“Some may think the idea is crazy,” Nedved said in an interview with Czech newspaper “It is very difficult for Juventus to have better players than their players. ”

“Our sporting director Fabio Barazzi once said that we can buy Ronaldo after we learned to reduce his penalty to 100 million euros, so it is more realistic,” Nedved, added ) Who gave his consent in the end. ”

“When I put forward the idea for the first time, we looked at each other and then at the president and Barazzi might have expected him to call us mad,” Aniele told the club. “I told her that our club would take a step forward and that it was the right moment,” he said.

“He had a desire to change and left Madrid, he chose our club and this is an honor for us, he has already made achievements in England and Spain and would be very happy if he repeated the same thing in Italy,”.

“He’s a great player, he’s a leader, the players follow him even without talking,” and added Ronaldo, “our young players have a chance to improve through training.” Cristiano is a natural person who loves winning and wants to be the best, in everything”.

“It’s very hard to score here and I think he realized this, but it’s a matter of time,” he said. “He won the Golden Ball five times but in training, it looks like He just started his career. “

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