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Cristiano Ronaldo transfer deal to Bianconeri


Cristiano Ronaldo Fictional Salary in Bianconeri

Cristiano Ronaldo, 33 years old, joined the Bianconeri for $ 137 million in a four-year contract with Juventus, ending June 30, 2022.

The arrival of Ronaldo led to many changes in Turin, most notably the departure of Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain.

The Higuain deal had other important implications. Leonardo Bonucci returned to the ranks of Italy’s leader once again, after spending a season in Milan. But Juventus had to abandon the young talent Mattia Caldara, who signed his contract to Milan to join his colleague Higuain.

And because he is a better artist and a different player, Cristiano Ronaldo had to earn a different salary, not only from the rest of his new colleagues in the old lady but in the entire Italian league. The winner of the Golden Ball 5 times will earn 31 million euros in the season.


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“Maestro” Bosnian midfielder Miralem Pjanic has a salary of just € 4.5 million and the newcomer to Emery Jean will receive 5 million euros. While the Brazilian wing of Douglas Costa gets 6 million.

Leonardo Bonucci, the former captain, reduced his salary to return to Juventus after one season with Rossoneri, earning 5.5 million euros. Italian jeweler Paolo Debala earns around 7 million euros a year for his magic on the field.

With a simple calculation, Juventus’ total salary will stop at 28 million euros, while Ronaldo alone will get 31 million euros.

This situation also applies to all the stars of the Italian league. AC Milan striker Higuain gets the second highest income in the Serie A. The 30-year-old striker earns 9 million euros a season, 22 million less than CR7.

The top scorer of the Italian league last season, Inter Milan captain Mauro Icardi gets 5 million euros, while Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaroma is the fifth highest in the league. The Milan derby earns 4.5 million euros in the season, which is scored by Roma top scorer Edin Dzeko and Belgian striker Drees Mertins.

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These details reveal the huge disparity between the top payers in Juventus and Serie A in general and Cristiano Ronaldo. But in the end, the difference is also evident in the technical and tactical level between him and the Italian league as a whole.

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