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Ronaldo Protesting his Rank in “FIFA 19” in This Way ..

Cristiano Ronaldo Comments on FIFA 19

EA-Sport, based on the production of the FIFA 19 game, is poised to launch its version of the game, which is expected by many fans of the ball so they can see the updates that have modified to their favorite players, such as Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar da Silva.

The company, through its official account on “Twitter”, posted a video recording, showing reactions of the stars of the game on their new classification in the game, but the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo had another opinion.

Ronaldo appeared in the company’s commercial video, protesting the US company’s rating of 94, the same as last year’s FIFA 18 demand for the full mark.

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked the developers to give him the full mark in the lineup, having been awarded the FIFA World Player of the Year five times and the UEFA Champions League goal of last season. Even during Viva 19 he scanned 94 and put 100 on it. , Expressing his protest.

The US-based EIA Sport Which holds the rights of the International Football Association “FIFA” and the European Union football “UEFA” is preparing to launch its new FIFA 19 game, which is expected by many fans on 28 September.


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