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Criticism Of The Diversion Scandal: Will Make The Image Of Algerian Football “Dark”

The scandal of a voice call shook Algerian football, to which ES Sétif de Fahd Halfaya was a key party, as it revealed his involvement in buying off parties in order to facilitate his team’s task in crowning the domestic league title, where the case witnessed another curve after it was submitted to the courts.

The star of the former Algerian national team and the new sports director of the USM Algiers club, Antar Yahia, added his voice to the critics of those behind this scandal. He said in statements to the third Algerian channel: “There is no doubt that this scandal will make the image of Algerian football dark.”

And Yahia added: “It is unfortunate to see similar behaviors in the football world, and we will not develop the game through these behaviors, because they are not sporting, and harm the reputation of Algeria as a whole, and I think this is dangerous.”

The procedures to reveal the circumstances of the case accelerated after justice summoned the involved parties while sporting bodies interrogated those concerned in order to reach the parties to the problem, and the person who was behind the leak of the registration, and to verify its truth, which would open other chapters in the coming days.

The ES Setif case was not the first of its kind in Algerian football. Corruption applied mysteriously during the competitions, until the former president of the Chaouia Union Club, Abdel Majid Yahi, acknowledged that he bought the receivables and sold matches, and offered to hand over their sums in one of the TV shares, before Years.


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