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Dangerous Accident at the San Marino Moto 3 Race

The Moto 3 race, with the San Marino Grand Prix, the 13th stage of the World Championships, saw a major accident that led to the collision of a large number of riders that were involved in the race.

Despite the collision of five bikes after the change of course of a rider, the red flag was not raised and the race continued.

The bikes were removed from the track without causing major injuries, except for the Kane and Sasaki drivers. The first team rider suffered a shoulder injury, that needs a fly to Barcelona for treatment, to determine the injury more accurately.

The incident was a major hit on social sites, although the Moto 3 was not the main race, as the Moto GP was the most popular, and was crowned by Italian Andrea Dovizioso, the Ducati rider.

Moto 3 saw Honda’s Lorenzo Della Porta beat Jorge Martin and third-placed Fabio Di Giannantonio, followed by DRAMI’s Gabrielle Rodrigo and Jacqui Corneville respectively.


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