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Der Spiegel and Cristiano Ronaldo


Der Spiegel Accuse Ronaldo of Raping

Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers said on Friday they would sue German magazine Der Spiegel after publishing “illegal” report about an American woman who was supposedly raped by a Portuguese footballer in 2009.

“The report raises suspicion in an unacceptable manner in violation of privacy,” Cristiano Cherez, Ronaldo’s lawyer, said in a statement that he would seek legal compensation from the magazine for his client.

Ronaldo’s agency Gestiovote sent the statement to Reuters after being asked to comment on the issue at Der Spiegel.

Ronaldo, one of the world’s leading athletes, was named the best footballer in the world five times and moved to Juventus from Real Madrid this summer for 100 million euros. But the Italian club refused to comment on Der Spiegel’s report.

The magazine quoted Leslie Mark Stovall, lawyer of Catherine Mayorga, who alleged that Ronaldo’s rape that the incident dates back to June 2009 and occurred in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

Ronaldo and Mayorga have reached an out-of-court agreement that Mayorga has signed to keep quiet and Ronaldo paid her $ 375,000, the magazine quoted Stovall as saying.

“Catherine was sexually assaulted in June 2009 by a man named Cristiano Ronaldo,” Mayorga’s lawyer Stovall said in a video posted on Der Spiegel’s Web site.

Her lawyer told the German magazine that he arranged a civil suit seeking to overturn the non-disclosure agreement between the parties.

“The aim of this lawsuit is to have Cristiano Ronaldo fully accountable to a civil court for the damage he inflicted on Catherine Mayorga and the consequences of that damage,” Stovall told the magazine.

Cherez said he would seek compensation from Der Spiegel for “the moral damage caused by this violation, which is one of the most serious violations of personal rights in recent years.”

Alfred Weintserl, the Deputy editor of the magazine «Reuters», said that Der Spiegel repeatedly wrote to Ronaldo’s team of lawyers and lawyers about the allegations before the report was published.

“We sent written questions that we did not get answers to,” he said in an e-mail. No one has ever raised a case against us about reports we published about Ronaldo. ”

Mayorga told the German magazine that she no longer felt bound by the non-disclosure agreement because she was suffering the consequences of that night nine years ago.

“Again I accuse him of rape. I blame him and blame myself for signing this non-disclosure agreement. ”


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