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Mohamed Salah


Despite the Numbers … Salah is Out of the Premier League Lineup

At the start of the 2018-2019 season, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah suffered a strong start to the Premier League season, but his performance improved over time and he was one of the best players in scoring and making goals.

Although the performance of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah improved with Liverpool and reached an excellent balance of goals in terms of registration and contribution, but did not enter the squad of the best 11 players in the “Premier League” for the season 2018-2019, which seems unfair to him because of what he did.

In terms of numbers, Mohamed Salah scored 19 goals in the English Premier League and contributed to 10 goals, And he has contributed 29 goals for his Premiership side, Number of goals that not easy for any player in the league.

Mohamed Salah contributed 29 goals (Goals and contributing), which is 36% of the Premier League’s goals in the Premiership, making Mohammed Salah deserve the top 11 this season.

Salah scored four goals with Liverpool in the Champions League and will be one of the most prominent stars who will try to drop Barcelona in the semi-finals of the European championship back and forth.

Mohamed Salah was not the only star who did not enter the Premier League “best 11 players”  in 2018-2019. Belgian star Eden Hazard is also not in the squad, although he has performed exceptionally well with Chelsea, scoring 13 goals and making 13 for his Blues.


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