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Cristiano's problems with Juventus


Did Don’s Troubles Start at Juventus?

Although he has only played one match for Juventus in the Italian league, but the talk is about keeping the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench and save his energy and energy for important games.

The old lady’s coach, Massimiliano Alegre, came out to talk about his plans for a “round” with the Don this season, as did former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane.

“We want to maintain Ronaldo’s fitness and energy, and he may participate in some matches from the bench as he did with Real Madrid last season,” Alegre said. “Now he will play and see what happens in the future.”

Ronaldo is expected to play a key role in Saturday’s match against Juventus and Lazio, as fans of the Italian champions look forward to the “Madeira” missile and watch him play the Bianconeri in their Turin stronghold.

Alegre revealed that Ronaldo and Argentine Pablo Debala would pay a penalty shootout, but did not reveal his choice for a free kick. “We have six or seven players who have the ability to shoot fatal balls,” he said.

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