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Eden Hazard Wishes to Leave Chelsea for this Reason

Each player wishes to wear the shirt of the team he loves since childhood, but the circumstances are sometimes stronger than that for various reasons, and sometimes you will force to face the team that you dream of joining at the beginning of your career.

The Belgian star Eden Hazard re-mention the subject again when he talked about leaving his current team Chelsea, and admitted that his dream from a young age was to wear the Real Madrid shirt, despite the recent departure of his compatriot and colleague Thibaut Courtois to the Royal Club.

Another reason for this desire, as the player said “after the 2018 World Cup, I was hoping to reach Champions League. But It’s probably time for something different,” said Hazard after, admitting the Real is his favorite destination.

Although Chelsea appeared differently this season, where he has not been defeated since the beginning of the premiership, and comes in the first centers next to Manchester City and Liverpool, Hazzard seems determined to leave the Blues and realize his Dream.

The Belgian midfielder Said: “Real Madrid is the best team in the world, but I don’t want to lie, it’s my dream since I was a child, I dreamed a lot about this team, we’ll see, but I don’t want to talk about it every day, I don’t have time, but we’ll talk about it in the near future, I guess.”

Hazard said after winning 3/0 on Southampton in the premiership, “staying in Chelsea will not make me unhappy, but I like to think of my future,

I believe there is still a big step in my career, and he added,” when you have a dream, you will seek to achieve it, as I said before on more than one occasion, if I left I will be happy, and if not I will still happy.

But the international player returned and pointed to the departure of Thibaut Courtois to Real Madrid also, which provoked public outrage at Stamford bridge, and confirmed that he will not push for departure.

“I want the best for me, but I also wish the best for the team, because the club gave me everything, I do not want to say: yes, I want to sign a new contract, then I end up without doing it, so I’ll see “, Eden hazard Finish.

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