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Egypt Wins the World Squash Championship Title

The Egyptian squash team won the World Women’s Team Championship, held recently in Dalian, China, After winning the English team with two victories without charge, to crown the title for the fourth time in their history.

Noran Jowhar won the first game against Alison Waters three for two, while Rania Al-Waili managed to take control of the second encounter against Laura Masaru from the start.

She won the first two matches 11-3 and 11-8, before the English player returned and won the third run 9-11, but the Egyptian heroine succeeded in taking the fourth half and the game with a score of 11-3, crowned Egypt for the fourth time in history, after 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Teams compete in a different system than individual championships, with each team facing three matches, And two matches to win, and one team winning two matches in a third game or being canceled after an agreement between coaches.

Rania Al-Waili scored a historic record in her participation with Egypt in the championship. She became the only Egyptian player to have won all medals with the Egyptian team. She won the four titles. She also participated in Silver Harvest 2006 and Bronze 2014.

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