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F1 is Planning New Changes in The 2019 Season

F1 race

Formula 1 officials are considering new modifications to the rear wings of World Championship cars to improve visibility for drivers in the 2019 season.

Reports indicate a trend within Formula 1 to adopt modifications to the rear wings of World Championship cars, becoming even higher in the new season.

Formula 1 crash

Formula 1 Crash

At the same time, officials are planning to change the location of the mirrors in Formula 1 cars in a bid to improve visibility.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA), in cooperation with Formula One, has studied all proposals to solve the problems experienced by rear-view drivers from the current generation of cars since the start of the season.

The accident that took place between Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Carlos Sainz during the qualifying trials of the Grand Prix of Austria was quick to solve the problem of drivers’ vision.

It was then agreed to introduce changes from the Singapore Grand Prix before the plans were withdrawn at the time before the talks could resume.

The new amendments await the approval of the F1 Formula Group and FIFA’s World Motor Sports Council at the next meeting for adoption.

The new laws that will come out of the light will include lifting the rear wings 50 mm to create a greater area of vision for drivers between the lower deck of the wing and the upper surface of the side of the car.

Laws that will govern the location of the mirrors will include restrictions on them, as they will be lower are located abroad to ensure that they are in a better place for drivers.

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