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Officially .. Morocco Bid for the World Cup 2030

Moroccan football president Fawzi Lekjaa

Moroccan Football Federation (FMA) President Fawzi Lekjaa said during a meeting of the General Assembly of the Federation at the Palais des Congrès de Sakhirat that the Kingdom of Morocco will present a candidate for the World Cup 2030 without mentioning whether it will be with its neighbors in North Africa.

Fawzi Lekjaa said that FIFA is entering the process of organizing the 2026 FIFA World Cup, adding that Morocco has opened a new page with FIFA President Gianni Infantino to ensure that the 2030 FIFA World Cup qualifiers are in place.

During the meeting of the General Assembly, they reviewed the literary and financial reports of the previous season for approval by unanimous approval. They also approved the proposed amendments to certain articles of the Moroccan Football Federation’s statutes.

In a related note, the head of the Moroccan Football Federation, Fawzi Lekjaa, said in the regular general assembly that the expenses of the Federation amounted to 880 million dirhams during the 2017-2018 football season. In his explanation of the budget, he explained that the latter had developed considerably compared to last season.

Fawzi Lekjaa also revealed that Morocco’s preparations for World Cup Russia amounted to 12.2 million dirhams, travel 38.6 million dirhams, sports equipment 3.1 million dirhams, and nutrition and other consumables 338 million dirhams.

Morocco has submitted its bid to host the World Cup four times and it was close to taking the honor twice of organization, especially in 2010, which was given to South Africa, to find out later that there was a huge bribe deal behind it, And in the 2026 version that was given to the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which also signed Trump’s threat to world countries if they did not vote for his country.


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