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FIFA will Punish Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA has always been proud of the honest competition between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on the throne of the first game, promising them an example of determination and perseverance, but this will not prevent FIFA from punishing them if necessary.

In this context, FIFA was outraged by the absence of the two “best ” awards, especially the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who was a candidate for the best player in the world, with Croatian Luca Modric and Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

FIFA invited Messi and agreed to attend the concert in London, before suddenly missing after the Barcelona team stumbled into a rival in the province of “Catalonia” Girona, in the fifth round of the Spanish league championship for this season.

To prevent the repetition of Messi or Ronaldo’s absence in the upcoming concerts on the pretext of preoccupation with clubs, Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, discussed his lawyer to prepare a method that would force the players to attend, otherwise an unspecified penalty would be imposed, according to the Spanish newspaper “s “.

Cristiano Ronaldo was absent from the award ceremony for the best player in Europe, which was held in Monaco a few days before the FIFA concert, among speculation that he decided not to come as soon as he learned that he would not win the grand prize, and only congratulated his former colleague in Real Madrid Modric who had the prizes.

FIFA may consider signing a fine on the “flea ” or “Madeira Missile”, which may extend to a stop or not invite them in the future ceremonies.

Far from the punishment, FIFA is tempted to lure the leaders of Argentina and Portugal to give them an exceptional opportunity, by voting for the best player in the world Under 21, to become the only players who have the right to vote, even though they still remain in the stadiums.

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