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Figo Announces It: I Did Not Expect Zidane To Become A Coach

The legend of Portugal and former Real Madrid star Luis Figo spoke about many things that happened in his professional career in the world of the “round witch”, especially the surprise he suffered when his French colleague Zinedine Zidane became a coach.

And the Spanish club “Club del Deportista” quoted Luis Figo as saying: “I did not expect anyone or anyone in the world that Zinedine Zidane would become a coach after the end of his career as a player, but it became clear to everyone that his decision was wise because he won many titles.”

He continued: “I expect Zidane to continue winning titles in the future, and I am very happy for him,” in a clear indication of the French coach’s ability to win the Champions League trophy three times in a row, with his League and Super Cup and other titles. ”

Figo considered that moving from Barcelona to Real Madrid is very difficult, but there is nothing impossible in the world of football, stressing that everyone in 2000 talked about a deal coming to the “Royal”, and was surprised by the amount of money that was paid for him.

Figo clarified in his speech that club departments are taking more precautionary measures by setting very high penal conditions, but he did not think that Real Madrid would pay his penalty clause to Barcelona in 2000, amounting to 60 million euros.

Luis Figo considered that the period he spent with Real Madrid represented a very beautiful era because he managed to win the Golden Ball award, at a time when many of the game’s top players were competing for it, unlike what happened during the past years, in which fellow Cristiano Ronaldo simplified And Lionel Messi, the Argentine, took control of it.

“It was difficult to win the Golden Ball award at the time,” Vigo said. “It is still so now, but when you have to choose between 10 or 15 players, here the situation becomes different and more complicated, as happens between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.”

When asked about the “Madeira missile”, Luis Figo answered by saying: “Cristiano Ronaldo has made Real Madrid the greatest club in Spain, and any team in the world wants to get its services in the transfer market, because it is a player that guarantees you to score goals, not a few of them, and this is the most important thing in World of the ball. ”

Former Portuguese national team legend Luis Figo concluded his talk about the new Coronavirus by saying: “Things don’t happen by chance, because people are doing something wrong, and I hope that humanity will prepare for what will come, with local governments taking important decisions to take care of health and the land.”


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