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European Football Match Ends with Injuries and Riots

Stabs and riots in a Football game

One of Burnley’s fans was stabbed and four others injured in a pre-3-1 defeat at Olympiakos football stadium, Athens, in the preliminary qualifying round for the group stage in the European League.

The BBC reported that 23 Burnley fans were arrested for the riot, while the English club announced that most of the 900 fans who traveled behind the team acted wisely and quietly.

“Unfortunately, 5 fans were injured, including one who was stabbed in the leg and treated in the Football stadium. All the injured traveled independently, away from the club’s flight,” the club said in a statement.

Burnley was the first to lose in this season’s season, after Fortnice opened Olympiakos’s goals, before Chris Wood equalized, while Bushalakis added the second goal to the hosts, and Fortins came back to seal the match for England on Thursday.

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