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Football Stars In Solidarity With Floyd Against Racism In USA

Many football stars around the world were keen to show their great solidarity and sympathy with the black American citizen George Floyd, who was the victim of a racist murder by a white policeman while he was arrested in the US city of Minneapolis, which caused a sensation in the world.

The angry protests that plagued American cities to denounce racial discrimination and police brutality in dealing with ethnic minorities, including black citizens, against the backdrop of the murder of 46-year-old black American George Floyd, continued while he was arrested by police on charges of counterfeiting a currency on May 25 The past, in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, northern United States.

A ten-minute videotape showed a white policeman called Derek Chauvin, holding Floyd ground, pressing one of his knees on his neck, while Floyd was chanting “I cannot breathe” before he died in a series of racist crimes committed between one and another against blacks in America It causes widespread protests and demonstrations against the racism of the US police.

This time, the winds of the protests reached the big European clubs, and they appeared in the Bundesliga on Sunday, May 31 in a unique event, where a number of players sympathized with George Floyd, the victim of violence and racial discrimination in America, either by imitating the movement in which he was killed or writing a message Support on their shirts and badges, and showed their full support for him. The start was made by the Schalke team player, young American Witson McKinney, before support initiatives by other players continued.

Marcus Thuram

The Frenchman Marcus Thuram, the German striker for Prussia Mönchengladbach, made a good gesture after he solidified the American Floyd. Thuram sat on his left knee, as happened to the policeman, George Floyd, before he died due to difficulty breathing after he scored the second goal of Mönchengladbach against Union Berlin in the meeting that brought the two teams to the “Prussia Park” stadium in the framework of the 29th round of the German League. Sunday evening.

Jadon Sancho

The English player Jadon Sancho, who plays for the Borussia Dortmund team, also expressed his solidarity with the American George Floyd against apartheid, sending a message demanding justice for Floyd.

After scoring for his second team goal against Paderborn, in the 29th round of the German Bundesliga, Sancho celebrated his shirt removal to show another shirt reading “Justice for George Floyd”.

Achraf Hakimi

In the same match, Moroccan international defender Achraf Hakimi, Borussia Dortmund’s back, expressed his solidarity with George Floyd, after he scored the fourth goal for his team in the goal of Paderborn at the 85th minute, when he raised his shirt, which was written on the phrase “Justice for George Floyd”, to walk on Teammate Jadon Sancho’s approach.

Weston McKinnie

The young American player Weston McKinnie, a Schalke team player, was the first supporter of Floyd after he wore a badge reading “Justice to George”, during the confrontation of his team, which Schalke lost 1-0 to Werder Bremen, in the 29th round of the German League.

Kylian Mbappe

For his part, French international striker Kylian Mbappe was keen to show his full support for the American George Floyd and commented in a tweet through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, which came as follows: Justice for George.

Frank de Jong

The midfielder of the Barcelona team, international Dutch Frenk de Jong, was the most prominent supporter of George Floyd, through his account on the social networking site Instagram.


And the matter did not stop there, as Barcelona issued a statement denouncing all forms of racism and announced its solidarity with George Floyd, and player Alex Morgan and basketball star LeBron James expressed their solidarity with George Floyd.

After the video showing the murder of Floyd spread, a severe wave of protests erupted in the city of Minneapolis, as this incident brought to mind all incidents of racial discrimination against blacks in the United States. Data published by the Washington Post show that 1014 black people were killed by the police in 2019. Several studies show that black Americans are more likely to be police victims than other races.

George Floyd was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1974, and was killed on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the age of forty-six.


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