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boxer fails Plane Hijack


Former Moroccan Boxer Fails Plane Hijack

Former French boxing champion Tariq Sahabuddin helped neutralize a man who tried to Plane Hijack on its way from Munich to Paris.

“In front of the 200 passengers and crew, the former boxing champion intervened and tried to get along with someone who was getting more and more aggressive before putting him down and controlling him until the plane landed.

the police intervened at the airport,” journalist Arno Romero wrote on Facebook…

“The boxer received applause from the passengers and crew and was invited to take a picture in the cockpit as a token of gratitude.”

Tarek Sahabuddin, 46, of Moroccan descent, crowned France’s double-weight boxer and badminton champion. He fought 23 goals during his career and scored 12 victories.

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