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Former President Imprisoned After Corruption Scandal in “FIFA”

FIFA corruption scandal

A former president of the Brazilian Football Confederation has been sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted on charges of a corruption scandal in the International Football Federation (FIFA).

The New York judgment also included Jose Maria Marin, president of the former Brazilian federation, fined $ 1.2 million and forced him to repay $ 3.34 million.

Marin, 86, was convicted last December by a US jury of six counts of extortion, fraud and money laundering.

Marin was among the top sports figures tried in the United States on cases involving bribes and commissions of more than $ 200 million in marketing and obtaining rights to broadcast football matches.

The prosecution said Marin received several million dollars in bribes.

“We are disappointed by the length of the sentence, but we appreciate the judge’s efforts to achieve a fair balance,” Marin’s lawyer Charles Stellman said.

Prosecutors have demanded Marin’s prison for at least 10 years while defense lawyers relied on Marin’s health and age to demand a lighter sentence.

The Brazilian Football Federation has not commented on the verdict.

At least 42 people and institutions have been charged in the FIFA scandal and many have pleaded guilty.

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