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Formula 1: Hamilton is The First in Singapore Grand Prix

TheBuzzSports – British driver Lewis Hamilton has succeeded in winning the Formula 1 Grand Prix qualification tests in Singapore, For the Formula One World Championship, marking the fastest time among all the contenders.

Hamilton took first place in the opening time of 1: 36.015 minutes, 0.3 seconds ahead of second-placed Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver, 0.6 seconds ahead of Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel.

Although Hamilton did not succeed in improving his timing on the last lap, he made a mistake by getting out of seventh place, but his timing was enough for him to get his first starting point at the end of the test. His opponents Firchtapen and Vettel were unable to improve their timing, And the third.

Ferrari’s Valerie Bottas was fourth, beating Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, while Red Bull’s Daniel Ricardo was only sixth.

Four Force India’s Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon were in seventh and ninth place, with Hassen’s Roman Grosjean separated from eighth place, while Renault driver Leko Hulkenberg finished top 10.

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso said he was very happy to have the number 11 starting point, so he would have the freedom to choose tires even tomorrow.


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