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Fox Berlin Faces Barcelona in the Final of “Super Globe” Handball

Super Globe in qatar

Qatar handball team lost the chance to reach the finals of the Clubs World Championship “Super Globe ” which is currently held in Doha, Qatar. after it stumbled in front of the German Fox Berlin by 26/20.

The Qatari team was 9/11 in the first round, and the German team dominated most of the period in which the hosts had a good level but eventually lost 6 points.

The experience and the quality of the players was the key of the German team, while the Qatari team relied on the local players because they did not contract any professional players.

Qatari team “Al Sadd” struck a date with the French Montpellier team in the third place, after the latter lost the second pre-final confrontation with Barcelona team 37-30.

The French team did not match the potential of the Spanish giant, who succeeded in transforming delay to Win with seven goals. Barcelona team now will face German Fox Berlin in the final of the tournament on Friday.

The ranking confrontations were marked by the victory of the Tunisian Hammamet team, with the Bahraini team in 27/26, among the five-to-eight center matches, while Brazil’s Topati defeated the Australian team “University of Sydney” with a large score of 38/18 goals.

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