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person behind Francesco Totti resignation


Totti: This is the Reason for my Resignation

Francesco Totti, the legend of the Italian club Roma, opened his heart and talked about his last spell as a footballer and his life now, after the retirement decision that he said one person was more than paying for the season before.

Totti told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that former Rome coach Luciano Spalletti, the current manager of Inter Milan, was “pushing him to retire.”

Totti and Spalletti have not met face to face since the end of the 2016-2017 season when they both left Rome. “Why did not I complete my career in Asia or America because I would destroy my 25-year career,” Totti said of retirement.

“I’ve always said I’d wear the same shirt and I stick to my word, Spalletti is the one who pushed me to retire.”

“I have not felt bored yet,” said Totti, who is currently sporting director of Rome, “the days I live in are almost like the ones I used to live before I quit.”

“I wake up and take the kids to school and then I go to Trigoria (Roma training headquarters) and be with the coach and the team, I follow all the sessions, mediate between the players and clubs, the players are monsters, but they respect me.”

“I was like them, so I know them well, I know their secret language,  looks, and words,” Francesco Totti said.

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