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Gary Neville and Paul Pogba


Gary Neville Asks Pogba to Leave

French midfielder Paul Pogba has sparked a lot of controversies recently because of an undeclared clash with Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho, but what has angered fans and the English club is his lack of enthusiasm for the team. Not far from winning the World Cup in Russia 2018.

Gary Neville opened fire on Pogpa and asked him to leave Old Trafford and look for another club wearing his shirt if that was what the Frenchman wanted after press reports that he had been thinking of moving to Spain, especially Barcelona.

“As a sports analyst, I will say that Pogba is a talented player, but I would like to see more effort and leadership from him,” he said. “As a fan, I do not think there is anyone who is as mad about this team as I do. I do not want people to pay attention. Right and left. ”

“So, listen Paul, if you want to go somewhere else, let’s do it, because Manchester United will be okay, do not worry about that,” he said. “Although I am a member of the club, I will continue to do what the administration does. They are working for their rights, but at the same time, they want to recover their £ 90 million “if the owners have to sell the player.

Pogpa scored a goal with the Red Devils on his return from the World Cup in the Lester City game, but suffered a lot in the Premier League’s three matches at the Premiership, losing two to one.

The French international appeared to be offended by the public’s recent response to a question at the World Cup about his move to Barcelona, saying he had a contract with Manchester United at the moment, but no one knew what the future might hold.

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