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Argentine professional footballer Gonzalo Higuain


Gonzalo Higuain: Ronaldo Kicked Me Out of Juventus

Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain is preparing to play his first “derby” with Milan’s team in front of the eternal rival Juventus after he left the team in the summer in a deal that indicated that the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo was the reason for its completion.

Higuain told an Italian newspaper “Gazzetta Dello Sport“, About his sudden departure from Juventus “It seemed that a barrier broke between us suddenly. They contracted with Cristiano and the decision was to dispense me. ”

The Argentinian striker, who scored six goals and made a goal in seven matches with Milan added “I gave everything I could to Juventus and we won many titles, but with the arrival of Cristiano (his former colleague in Real Madrid).

The club told me that they did not want me to continue and that they will search for a solution and the decision was to transition to Milan “.

The former Naples star continued, “I am the one who chose Milan with conviction. Milan wanted me and Maldini, Leonardo, Gatazo and Elliot’s made a lot of efforts to make me join”.

And about Derby Milan, Gonzalo Higuain said “it will be firing. Reminds me of the Madrid derby and it will have a special taste for me because it’s my first derby with Milan and I am in the best condition right now as I was with Naples 4 or 5 years ago “.

Meanwhile, he did not seem worried about his status with the spread of news about the return of Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, “these things go back to the club but I love to play next to this great player”.

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