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Guardiola Strange Reaction After “Aguero Smoking Shisha”

Guardiola after Aguero Smoking Shisha scandal

Sergio Aguero surprised everyone by appearing in a social networking snapshot smoking Shisha, but the strangest was the reaction of Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola.

Despite speculation and news reports about Guardiola’s anger at Aguero and the possibility of stopping him from the starting lineup against Newcastle United in the Premier League, the Spanish coach made an unexpected decision.

“I was not disturbed by this picture, and I did not talk to the player about the incident,” Guardiola said at the press conference on Friday.

And that’s really what happened. Aguero continued to lead the City attack only if Guardiola was only talking in this way about the Argentinian scorer in front of the media while things were happening out of the limelight.

Aguero is regularly in Serie A and is considered one of the most dangerous strikers in the world at the moment, despite repeated reports from the press about the strained relationship with Guardiola on more than one occasion before.

Guardiola also stressed the importance of French player world champion Benjamin Mendy after the player appeared distinctly in the first four games of the new season after returning from a long injury that kept him almost out of most of last season’s competitions.


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