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Pep Guardiola in catalonia prison


Guardiola’s Big Problem with Cars

Pep Guardiola the Spanish coach of Manchester club, is one of the greatest coaches who has passed through the history of Football, because of the local and continental championships he achieved with the teams he supervised, led by Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but he showed a great failure in caring for his cars, acquisition, and driving.

In their book “Pep City: How to Make a Super Team,” the authors Lu Martin and Pol Ballus revealed that the Spanish coach Guardiola has destroyed four very luxurious and expensive cars since he took over the technical staff of the English team.

Guardiola owned, at the beginning of his career in the technical staff of Manchester Club, a Mercedes “GLE” value of 93 thousand and 640 euros, and a Range Rover price of 175 thousand and 575 euros, and a Bentley type “GTX 700” worth 234 thousand euros, and finally Mini Cooper that priced at 35,113 euros, but it did not last long with the Spanish coach.

“Spanish coach Pep Guardiola has enjoyed a very good reputation since he was with Barcelona, but he is a bad driver who is very unlucky,” Lu Martin and Pol Ballus said in their book, referring to his destruction of 4 expensive cars.

They explained that the rearview mirrors of the Spanish coach’s cars did not last long with him, in addition to filling the Range Rover with diesel fuel instead of gasoline, and he smashed the Bentley “GTX 700” at a value of 234 euros.


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