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haas team principal Guenther Steiner


Steiner: Renault’s Tricks will not Distract Haas

Guenther Steiner, president of the Formula One world champion, said the team would challenge Roman Grosjean’s decision to cancel the Grand Prix in Italy, but would not leave the “games” away from the ring before the Singapore race next week.

Grosjean finished last week’s race in sixth place, leading Haas to fourth in the standings, beating Renault.

But the observers stripped the US team of points, and returned to fifth place in the overall ranking, After Renault questioned that the car of the French driver does not comply with regulations.

“If they do not succeed in beating us in the ring, they will try to outweigh us in the court, which seems to be happening,” Haas said in an interview published by the team before the Singapore Grand Prix. “You have to work hard, Raise the envy of others, we will work harder and fight more. ”

Asked whether the competition for the ring had moved to “tricks” outside, Steiner said: “Certainly, sometimes you have to do it, you can take any approach in the competition, is it appropriate?

“This does not distract me,” said Steiner, who is in his third season and has caused trouble for others because of his partnership with Ferrari.

Haas helped a small group of workers compete with larger teams such as Renault, who designs his car and engine fully.

“Our staff knows where to put their efforts, we are not distracted when we are racing,” Steiner said. “We’re trying to get a good result in every race, leaving all the other things behind us.”

In a long explanation of the decision, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) said Renault had lodged a protest on the grounds that the Haas car, which did not correspond to a technical explanation, was issued to teams in July.

All the teams had a deadline, even the Monza race, to meet these requirements, but Haas did not so that Renault would come forward as evidence to support his protest.

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