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Handball: Amazing Shot in the Champions League

Spanish Carlos Ruesga, Amazin shot during the game between Sporting Lisbon and the Russian Chekhovskiye Medvedi in the Champions League handball competition.

The 33-year-old player, prepared to take the shot after the game was headed towards a draw between the two teams, 22-22, but surprised everyone when he fired a spectacular shot in an acrobatic way and the ball landed in the net against Medvedi Chekhov.

Ruesga succeeded in performing the throw skillfully, when he launched it beside the wall of the block built by players of the Russian Meddvdi team, with the use of full-body jumping to the left side to skip the wall and settle in the net.

Carlos Ruesga gave the victory points to his team who lived moments of celebration after the meeting was resolved in favor of Sporting Lisbon 23-22, while the Spanish player had a great wave of admiration in the various Spanish and Portuguese media alike.

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