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Hopes To Resume “Premier League” In Mid-June

British Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden expressed his hope for the resumption of the English Premier League in mid-June, despite the concerns expressed by players and coaches about the need for a longer period of training before returning to the matches.

The Premier League clubs are meeting Monday to agree on a healthy protocol that will allow them to resume exercises this week while adhering to the guidelines for maintaining social distance and safe distance.

The last “Premier League” match was held on March 9th, and Newcastle coach Steve Bruce said on Sunday that his players “will drop like a deck of cards” due to injuries if matches resume before the end of June.

Raheem Stirling, former Manchester City champion, has expressed concern about a rapid shift from training to competition, while reports indicated that the League was planning to resume matches on June 12.

Duden stressed that public safety remains a priority, but he hopes to return to activity after nearly a month.

He said in an interview with “Sky News” Monday, “I had very constructive talks Thursday with the English Football Association, the Premier League and the EFL League” which oversees the lower levels, following “We are working hard with them to return in mid-June, but the test The most important is public safety. ”

Duden stressed that the football authorities, “like other sports looking to return behind closed doors, met with health authorities several times to discuss the issue of safety,” stressing that “if we can resolve this, we will look to appeal in mid-June. We are making significant progress.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a speech to parliament last week that he believed the return of sport on television “would give a boost to national morale and we badly need it.”

And the return of the German League last weekend gave hope that the English Premier League could follow in the same footstep, despite the significant differences in the health crisis between the two countries.

As the number of deaths announced in Britain as a result of “Covid-19” nearly 35 thousand people, compared to only eight thousand in Germany.

However, the Bundesliga was a test for the “League of Appeals” draft developed by the Premier League. Most of the clubs oppose the remaining 92 matches in a limited number of stadiums, just as the League wants to limit travel and take advantage of the most favorable places for social spacing, and you may see positive that German fans do not gather near the stadiums of their teams to follow the matches last weekend.

If the protocol is agreed on Monday, the teams are expected to return to individual exercises this week.

Still, former Chelsea physician Eva Carneiro warned of the health risks that may affect players, especially since the implications of “Covid-19” for the athletes are still unknown.

“We simply do not know how the virus affects athletes (…). From my experience, football does not have a culture of embracing and a commitment to medical governance that is now more necessary than ever,” said Carneiro.

“Not only in the short term but in the foreseeable and long term, when we are tired of the new protocols,” she said.


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